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Fiona Haley Kai Faulkner-

Creative/ Actress

Local to Los Angeles, CA

Here I am-

Exploring creative expression through acting, directing and modeling.


Represented as a model by CESD agency.

Commerically represented by LoveTalent Agency.

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Mythical/ Fantasy

She is human looking, though ethereal- standing out. Big hair, bare feet (always) dressed in light gentle fabrics, though eccentric. She lives in green forests, with mossy lakes. Possibly, Cornwall, England or Oregon in the US. Home is the forest, as she is a part of it. She's always trying to inspire and create magic for others. Her fight is toward protecting the world she comes from- Mother Earth. She finds it hard to trust others, but when she does, the magic she holds lends its hand in favor.

About: Bio
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